After-Surgery Get-Well Baskets - 5 Ideas

The experience of surgery is usually accompanied by more than a little bit of trepidation for most people. Even a minor surgery can be nerve-wracking for both the patient and for those who care about him or her.

Surgery also tends to be an exhausting experience for most patients - and more than a little bit disorienting. This is because recovering from surgery takes us out of our normal routine, whether that routine be working at the office, tending to homemaking duties, or playing golf or gardening.

If you know someone who has just gone through surgery or plans to do so soon, buying or making them an after-surgery get-well basket is a great way to show that you care.

Here are 5 ideas for after-surgery get-well baskets:

1. Sports:

The great thing about gift baskets is that you can fill them with just about anything that the recipient might be interested in. For example, the sports gift basket is an excellent choice for the sports fan or sportsman/woman in your life. Fill the basket with sports DVDs, books and magazines. Or, how about a sports-themed video game? Even sports-loving adults would love one.

2. Wine And Cheese:

For the "foodie" in your life, a wine and cheese basket shows a real touch of class. You can assemble your own basket by choosing delicacies from a well-stocked grocery store. Or, you can also buy a pre-made basket that contains your favorite goodies.

3. Spa:

The word "spa" brings to mind a person relaxing in a steamy, quiet, fragrant atmosphere. The image may even include massages and facials going on in the room next door... you get the picture. These comforting images will be brought to mind when you give a spa basket. You can include in it, for example: a spa gift certificate, lotions and soaps, a lufa brush, and even some candles. The person you know recovering after surgery will love the relaxed feeling that your spa gift basket will bring them.

4. Gardening:

Gardening is another activity that brings peaceful, healing images to mind. A gardening gift basket could contain little garden tools, some flower or vegetable seed packets, a hat, and even some sunscreen.

5. Picnic:

For the family-oriented person or for the romantic, a picnic gift basket is a wonderful get-well-soon gift. Fill it will meats, cheeses, breads and crackers. Include a bottle of wine. And, don't forget the plates, glasses, and utensils! A picnic gift basket would give the person you care about an excuse to go out enjoy the outdoors while they are getting better after surgery.

After-surgery get-well baskets are a great way to show that you care. They can also speed up the recovery time for the patient who has recently undergone surgery.

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Graduation Gifts - What to Get the Grad

It's that time of year again and graduation parties abound. College and high school grads are partying up a storm and your weekends are planned around ceremonies and celebrations. On a budget? You can bring that special graduate a card with money, or you can give them something they'll use when they move into that new house or dormitory, and that they'll remember you by. Of course, what you get this person depends on his or her tastes and lifestyle. Former athlete? How about a comfy thick yoga mat? Many universities offer free yoga classes, and this will help your friend stay focused in his or her classes and avoid the freshman 15! There are many mats out there you can get for around 20 bucks.

And, let's not kid ourselves -- college kids and post-grads the world over celebrate with parties and libations. These celebrations may even carry on throughout the year. How about some cool barware or matching flask and martini glass? Bringing your own closed-container alcohol to the party is pretty smart these days, and your friend (or niece or nephew) will think of you every time they use it!

Maybe you'd like to go more of the sentimental route. You can get some pretty cool photo gifts made nowadays that will again, be under 20 bucks. How about an 8x10 framed collage showing all the good times you had together or funny old photos from elementary and high school activities? You could do the same with a coffee mug or photo coasters. These may even run you around $10 and you can do them for all your friends so they'll each have a personalized, usable gift from you. Everyone moving on to college needs a coffee mug reminding them of the good times back home.

Lastly, do you know of any larger gifts they'll be receiving? New laptop, camera or Wii? You could get them something to complement this new gift like games or software. This may run you a bit more, but if you're going to be around this person after graduation, chances are you'll get to play the game too!

These are just a couple ideas, but you get the picture. You don't have to shell out tons of cash during graduation days. Just get that special someone something that celebrates the next step in their life's journey, and that they'll use, and you're good!

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