Top Christmas Gifts For Boys In 2011 By Age Group

The top manufacturers know that it can take just one of the lists of top Christmas gifts ideas for boys to get the publicity needed to boost their earnings and send them soaring into the black. So this year manufacturers, advertisers and retail outlets distribute what they hope is the top Christmas gift lists for boys in 2011. On the other hand, those boys who get the gifts won't really care if their toy was on such a list or not, so long as it meets their needs by being unique, provide brag ability or status, and of course is fun. The boy's age determines which attribute they're looking for. For example, younger boys prefer more fun gifts, early teenagers from 10 - 14 often look for a little of each, while the older teenagers, 14 - 18, really like fun gifts which also offer bragging ability, especial clothes or electronic items.

Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Olds

These young men enjoy gifts that allow them to be up and moving. Gifts such as footballs, scooters, Frisbee's and games, including Torx Smash Stix allow the boys to have head to head physical contests that do not hurt one another or the home.

For quiet play, LEGOs remain popular. Look for the sets that allow building of favorite movie scenes or allow the boys to build and play their own games.

Gift Ideas for 8-10 Year Olds

Look for gifts that will allow the boys to build and explore. More complex LEGO sets are enjoyed, but usually alone. Many different types of balls can add to the fun. If the boy is a gamer, any type of video game in the appropriate title will be popular.

Consider gifts that might spark an interest in a lifelong hobby. Model rocketry and remote control aircraft may be enjoyed at this age. For battery operated remote control devices choose those that use fast recharge batteries.

Gift Ideas for 11-12 Year Olds

At this age, boys become aware of the cool factor in their gifts. Electronics such as the iPod, digital cameras, event tickets and concert or sporting event tickets may make you very popular. In addition, many young men in this age group appreciate sports memorabilia.

Do not forget about magazine subscriptions, gift cards, watches and wallets that can all be popular with many young men in this age group. Consider money soap, it encourages hygiene as the soap is washed away to reveal real cash.

Gift Ideas for 12-16 Year Olds

This can be a difficult time as the boy spreads his wings toward becoming a man. Consider high quality wallets and electronic gadgets. In addition, subscriptions to online game sites make a good choice.

Two of the top gifts for this age group include the high-end smart phone (iPhone) or the ultimate LEGO set that features over 1300 parts. The set allows the young man to build a VW camper set and will likely be sold out by the end of November almost everywhere.

Gift Ideas for 16-18 Year Olds

At this age, most young men are driving and spending a lot of time far from home. Gas gift cards are a welcome gift. In addition other gift cards such as the iTunes card are popular. A subscription to Sports Illustrated is appreciated by many sports fans. Stay away from clothing unless purchasing a specifically requested article.
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