A Gift Basket - The Perfect Gift Giving Solution

Gift baskets are the perfect solution to every gift giving need. A gift basket can be made to celebrate every life changing event from the birth of a child to the loss of a loved one, for weddings and anniversaries, birthdays and graduations, off to college and time to retire. Gift baskets can be made to fit every occasion and every budget.

Themed gift baskets are very popular and creating a themed gift basket can be a lot of fun. Make a pasta dinner themed gift by using a colander instead of a basket. A pasta dinner gift basket makes a great anniversary gift. A champagne toast using an ice bucket is a great gift for a wedding and it's easy to make. For a simple and inexpensive gift that's great for a teacher's gift or for a co-worker, fill an over sized coffee mug with a packet of coffee, or cocoa and some cookies.

Gift baskets designed around sports themes are great gifts. Any golfer would love a gift basket that contains a box of his/her favorite golf balls, a new glove, towel, and a gift certificate to the driving range. Love to bake? Fill a basket with your own breads and cookies, add a pretty kitchen towel and you have created a wonderfully personal gift.

Selecting each item to reflect the taste or interest of the recipient makes the gift basket a truly personal gift. A well designed gift basket makes a great impression and is limited only by the imagination of the person making it.

Gift baskets are great Holiday gifts. When your list is long and your time is short, think gift baskets!

Marie is the owner and chief designer at Laurel Mountain Basket Company, the New England gift basket service voted one of the "Best In The Valley" by The Valley Advocate's Readers Poll 5 years in a row and chosen in Rave Reviews! Top 100 for 2007. Visit her at http://www.laurelmtbasket.com - Laurel Mountain Basket Company, where gift giving won't make you a basket case!

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