Baby Gift Baskets For Baby's First Birthday Are a Great Gift Idea

Baby birthdays are great occasions to be a part of. Celebrations are the greatest joys of life, and birthdays, especially the baby’s first birthday, can be one of the most joyous celebrations of one’s life. Planning a birthday can be a cumbersome job, and even more cumbersome can be deciding a gift for the baby. Birthday and baby gift baskets are one of the most preferred mediums of gifting, especially on birthdays. Gift baskets for baby are in such a lot of demand because of the flexibility they provide you in terms of the choice of gifts and ingredients you can add to them. Gifts are a joy to the mom and baby gift baskets are especially loved by the parents.

If you are the host of a baby birthday party, or a baby shower, then you would have to decide on the menu in the first place. Apart from the menu, the time of the day at which you want to throw the party matters the most. The menu would follow subsequently. The menu would depend on whether your party is a light brunch party, a heavy tea party or simply an all-formal dinner party followed by a cocktail. Once you have decided upon the timing of the party, and what kind of food you want to serve, its time to narrow down on the menu.

There are two ways in which the menu can be decided. You would either cook yourself or you would hire a professional catering service, if you are planning to host a party for a large number of people. For self-cooking parties, it is important that you make sure you would be able to cook everything with perfection. Stick to the theme of the party, and keep the food and beverage supplies adequate. Easy to cook and easy to store- tinned foods should be preferred, but at the same time it should be ascertained that the quality of food doesn’t go down, and that the food is yummy and scrumptious for the guests as well. For a tea party, you might have to serve adequate snacks along with tea. For a brunch/dinner party, you should focus more on the main course meals.

Vegetarianism is on a high these days, therefore, it is always suggested to have at least on or two pure-vegetarian dishes on the menu cards, to serve such guests. Health conscious foods, soy foods and low-calorie beverages should also be kept as a back up as some one might just ask for a diet coke in place of a standard coke. All such eventualities should be looked at while preparing the menu and cooking it. Cups, mugs, plates and other such adjuncts should be stacked in order. The serving should also be given special care.

For those who decide to hire professional caterers, making sure that the caterers give a good deal, have adequate waiters to serve people and that the caterers are actually cooking good food should be on the top of the agenda. Caterers do take away the pain of cooking and serving, but they would need some assistance and would definitely cost you almost double of what it otherwise would have.

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