Choosing the Best Wooden Watch Jewelry Boxes

Wooden watch jewelry boxes are becoming very popular among watch lovers and collectors. That's because this kind of watch storage box is very durable. Wooden watch boxes are also very elegant and chic. These watch boxes can reflect your high fashion sense. There are so many wooden watch jewelry boxes in the market today it would be difficult to choose which is the best. So here is a simple guide that can help you choose the perfect wooden watch storage box.

When you search for wooden watch jewelry boxes, the first thing you have to consider is its material. The materials used to manufacture the watch storage box determine its durability. One of the best wood materials being used to day is fiddleback maple veneers. So when you shop for wooden watch jewelry boxes, always look for those made from fiddleback maple veneer. Fiddleback is the most sought after hardwood material by jewelry box collectors and watch box artisans. This hardwood is extremely strong and resistant to harmful elements.

Wooden watch jewelry boxes should also sport a contemporary look. A watch storage box made from fiddleback maple veneer will have this kind of look. It would be blond and light. The intricate patterns of fiddleback wood which look like flaming figures will give a modern look to your wooden watch jewelry boxes. And because these watch boxes have lighter colors, they are ideal for every modern woman who loves her watches and who loves beautiful wooden crafts. So, if you want a durable a extremely beautiful wooden watch jewelry boxes, always buy those made from fiddleback maple veneers.

On the other hand, if you want a classic look for your watch storage box, you must choose watch boxes made from burlwood. Burlwood is a rare hardwood used to make exotic furniture. They are very durable also and pest resistant. That is why watch collectors and jewelry box makers also prefer burlwood as the main material of wooden watch storage box. So if you want to get the classic look of burlwood but still enjoy a solid and stronger wood casing, then always buy watch boxes made from burlwood. You are guaranteed to have a traditional looking watch box that will last for many decades.

You now have two excellent choices for wooden jewelry boxes. You can choose between fiddleback hardwood maple and burlwood. Both are extremely durable but each of them exudes different styles. The next factor you have to consider is the interior lining of the wooden watch storage box. The interior lining of the watch box should be made from soft padded suede material. It should be hand stitched so you can have a hardy watch box interior. Suede is aesthetically pleasing and its supple material will be very friendly to your watch. It can also retain its original colors so you have no worry of color degeneration.

Wooden jewelry boxes are elegant, classy and highly durable. If you will buy a watch storage box, always prefer wooden material. You also have to choose wooden watch boxes that are made from sturdy hardwood such as fiddleback and burlwood. These materials will guarantee that your watch box can serve you for very long time.

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