Experience Gifts - The Ultimate Clutter-Free Gift Idea

There's a new trend in gift giving that is spreading in popularity. Instead of bogging your friends and relatives down with more material objects that they may not have any actual use for, why not give an experience?

Experience gifts are one of the best ways to show someone you care in a unique and special way. These gift ideas are appropriate for many different adults in your life and will make your gift really stand out. Experience gifts can be given individually or you can pool your money with other gift givers and buy an experience for someone.

For something really memorable, bundle a gift certificate for an experience with another small gift that correlates with the theme. For example, if you are sending your gift recipient on a wine tasting tour, you can present the gift certificate with a wine opener. In addition to a wine tasting tour, there are a number of other types of experiences that you can give.

Here are a few ideas for your next gift-giving occasion.

Hot air balloon rides.

Seeing the world from a gracefully drifting hot air balloon is an experience that your gift recipient will never forget. Hot air balloon rides can be purchased in many different forms. You can a book a certain number of hours for your gift recipient or you can plan a whole day for him in the balloon.

Depending on the area that you live in, your recipient's balloon experience will include majestic views of the mountains or local rivers. Most balloon ride companies allow your recipient to choose a dawn or dusk launch, which makes the experience all the more dramatic.

Photography workshop.

If your gift recipient is passionate about getting the perfect shot, you can make his or her day with a photography workshop. The workshop will help your recipient refine their photography skills and make the most out of their camera.

When you consider the fact that most people buy a complex digital camera and never take it off of automatic shot, you can see why this gift idea is perfect for a variety of different recipients.

You can often choose from child photography sessions, animal photography sessions or nature photography sessions so you can custom tailor the gift to fit the interests of the recipient.

Scuba lessons.

Going scuba diving can be an exhilarating experience and this gift can encourage the recipient to take the plunge and learn just how to do it. With a few hours of lessons, your gift recipient will learn all about the proper scuba diving equipment and key scuba safety rules. They'll learn how to put on all of the equipment and they'll become comfortable with diving. Although the first class won't fully certify them in scuba, they can learn about the next steps to get certification and may also receive a discount toward future lessons.

With these gifts you can be sure to enrich the life of the recipient and give them a truly memorable day.

For more ideas, visit a website that specializes in experience gifts, from chartered sailing excursions to thrilling NASCAR rides and just about everything in between. Or give a spa gift certificate

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