Cheap Gifts For College Students

So you want to give a college student a gift, but you don't have the funds to get the high tech gadgets that seem to be so popular nowadays. You want to buy a present for the high school graduate going to the university, but you don't know exactly what the may want. You want to give an encouraging favor to a friend in graduate school, but you don't know exactly what they would need. Well luckily for you there are still a couple of things on the market today that will not only fit into your tight budget, but would be perfect for the studious individual you are shopping for.

Alarm Clock: This is an absolute necessity for any serious college student. For those days when they have an early class to get to or a paper to turn in on time an alarm clock will help them to rise early and be punctual. This gift idea can definitely fit into your budget because it can be bought at very cheap prices (anywhere between $5-$50 depending on how fancy you want it to be). If you're lucky you can even get one on sale at Walmart. That's if you're lucky.

Flash Drive: This little device is a very powerful tool for any type of pupil. It can be a back-up for important term papers and documents. It can upload pictures, music, and e-mail when needed. Plus it is portable so can be carried from class to class without being a burden. This is the type of gift that any college student would be grateful to get. So you may want to consider getting it for them.

Scientific Calculator: Every university scholar needs a calculator for those mandatory math classes they have to take. So to help the one your shopping for find a cheap scientific calculator in a local store. Wrap it up and give it to them as a gift. This may not be the most spectacular item in the world, but it is most needed to get through school.

MP3 Player: If the future recipient does not have one of these then get one for them. Music is part of any college students life. They use it to relax, to study and to disturb the lecturers in class. They are relatively inexpensive and very useful so you may want to consider it as a practical gift idea to give.

New Clothes: Everyone wants to look their best on campus. So to help the student your shopping for stay fashionable, buying new clothes for them as a gift is probably the way to go. If you are not good at buying clothes for other people get them a gift card from their favorite store. You are bound to find a card that fits into you budget so this would be a perfect present to give. Its cheap and you don't have to do any leg work.

Webcam: A webcam is a wonderful gadget to have especially for that scholar who spends half their day on the computer. This device will not only help that them stay in contact with their friends and family, but it will also give their parents the opportunity to see their studious kid periodically without having to travel. So this would not only be a wonderful gift for the recipient to have, but great for their family too.

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