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We all know at least one odd ball that's interested in some of the most unusual things. Which is what inspired us to compile a list of some mens unusual gifts. Each of these gifts we're handpicked by authors. We wanted to choose gifts that would gross people out. The kind of gifts that you would never expect anyone to give to someone else. Unfortunately finding those gifts was a lot harder than we first thought. Still we managed to come up with a few gift ideas that you'll probably like. As for our gift suggestions these are some of the most unusual gifts that you'll ever be able to find.

#3 Spitballs

Probably one of the more interesting gifts on this list. Spitballs are tiny little projectiles perfect for launching at your friends and family. Keep in mind that we're not talking about chewed up pieces of paper. There's actually a company that specializes in making spitballs. It's a clear ball that you place in water and watch it grow up to 100 times it's original size. What's interesting about spitballs is that they explode on impact. Which means your target will never know what hit him. Keep in mind that we're not suggesting you chew up paper and give it to someone. However we would recommend some of these cool little balls.

#2 Taser

Even though this gift probably won't come off as weird to some people it's actually one of the most unusual gifts that I've ever heard of. What's even worst is that I have a story to along with it. My overprotective roommate actually bought one of these for her girlfriend on Christmas. When I saw that the first thing that came out of my mouth was you can try it on me. Let me tell you something about tasers. They hurt a lot. In fact it managed to drop me in a few seconds. Which is probably why I have resentment towards this gift idea.

#1 Banana Floss

It always made me wonder. Who brushes their teeth and thinks to themselves. Know what would taste good right now? Bananas. Banana floss is the banana flavored floss that will keep your teeth healthy. We know that the majority of people don't floss their teeth. Which is one of the worst habits you can fall into. For our last unusual gift idea I wanted to suggest something that could help people out. The best part about this gift is that it won't cost a fortune. In fact we were able to find a few websites only selling it for a few dollars.

Did you manage to find the gift that you were looking for? If not then check out another one of our articles: Unusual Birthday Gifts for Men. What we did in that article was find a lot more crazier and weird gifts. When we wrote this article we were censored. Which is why we went all out on our own website. Alternatively you could also check out some of the other many gift for men on our main page. We find gifts for a variety of different personality types. You'll definitely be able to find something for him.

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