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There are lots of housewives who loves to cook and cooking is their specialty. Cooking is a fun activity for many housewives and this has now became a very big profession. Cooking is very difficult thing and not anyone can do it, I know it from experience that cooking can turn into a disaster when you don't know the art of cooking. Once I burned the eggs and the other day I tried to cook chicken in an oven and I completely burned it... So cooking should be left to experts only.

As this is the season of spreading love and happiness and distributing lost of gifts. Man always wants to give best present to his wife and mother and sisters. For housewives the related to house keeping and cooking are the best, because they like it very much. When it comes to cooking the gifts you can give to women can be an Electric Skillet or some other kitchen equipment say microwave oven, toaster etc.

But the best gift you can give is indeed cook books, i,e, because by giving cook books as a gift you are not only encouraging the cooking of your wife but you are providing a thing by which they can cook new dishes and improve their cooking, well frankly speaking it will benefit you more in the long run because you will get tasty dishes to eat at home.

Cook books are different and they vary from country to country in accordance with the cuisine of that country, but making and eating foreign dishes is something new.

I did some research on the internet and I have found some good cook books that you can give as a gift this season and make your life tasty.

Julie and Julia is an amazing cook book it is not written by an expert but by a simple women, I recommend this personally because I loved that movie it's my personal favorite. This cook book is a great gift for housewives and for those women who loves to cook because it's an inspiration and the recipes are also great my mouth started watering when I watched the movie and I myself have ordered that book for myself, though I am a bad cook.

Recipe of Good life by Karen Hunter is another good cook book you can give as gift this season and win the heart of your women, the recipes in this book are very great some are elegant as well and the writing style is so good that it is very easy to understand what author is saying.

There is a difference between cooking and baking, well I myself don't know what's the difference but many people who knows cooking they say that cooking and baking are two different things, that is why there are different books for cooking and baking. Some women like baking more than cooking so this baking book can be a perfect gift for those women who loves to bake.

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