7 Flower Care Tips

Flowers are an outstanding gifts that someone would give, if you happen to be in an occasion and you want to send them to people you care about, don't waste your time and money offline. Instead head to one of the known online companies which deliver flowers by mail, and they will send your arrangement to any place you specify.

On the other hand, if you receive a bouquet from someone else, you need to take care of them so they last as long as possible. The average time fresh flowers could last is from: 4 days to even 2 weeks depending on their type, quality and of course your care of them. Here are some tips which help your flowers stay for the longest time period possible:

1- When you receive them, try to put them into a vase filled with water mixed with flower's flood which you can get from your florist. Just make sure you follow the mixing directions on the food packet. Doing this will make them last longer and allow you to enjoy them even longer.

2- Don't remove your flowers from water, doing this will make them evaporate while not absorbing anything.

3- If you want to reduce evaporation, you need to constantly remove lower leaves.

4- Flowers always need fresh environment; if you see that the solution of food and water is becoming cloudy, replace the solution entirely.

5- Falling leaves could make a serious problem to your flower freshness; you need to constantly remove fall leaves into water. Leaving them their, could create bacteria which will shorten your flower's life.

6- Try to constantly (every few days) cut stems by a sharp knife (don't use scissors), by doing that you'll prevent air balls that block water from getting absorbed. When you cut them, try to put your flowers or roses directly onto the solution

7- Temperature is a very important factor here, so try to put your flowers away from sunlight at (50 to 70°F) because heat can shorten your flower's life by causing them to dehydrate. Also, keep in mind that vents (cool or hot) could ruin your flowers.

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Unique Gifts - 10 Fantastic Gifts for Dear Ones

Unique gifts can fulfill a variety of purposes as far as relationships are concerned, romantic or otherwise. Some of the best gift ideas often originate from simplicity. It is the same simplicity which provides heart to your gifts. Some of the most unique and interesting ideas for gifts are given below.

1. Celestial Globe

One of the many unique gifts you can find out there, the celestial globe is both visually stunning to look at and is very informative at the same time. They are ideal for children and adults alike. During the day when light is in abundance, the globe looks like every other globe with blue seas and color filled lands. But as soon as darkness fills the room, the globe transforms into a beautiful representation of the night sky with the help of the inbuilt optical sensors.

2. Star Theater Pro

Another one of the unique gifts related to the beauty of space is the Star Theater Pro. It is a small planetarium projector system that can be used in your homes. Turn on the switch and watch as the universe unfolds right in front of your eyes. There is even a setting for having shooting stars blazing by at regular intervals. It is very efficient for romantic settings as well.

3. Pulse Smart Pen

A very good candidate for the best gift ideas list is the Pulse Smart pen. It comes with a small infrared camera near the nib and an inbuilt microphone to record sound. The pen also comes with a notebook which should be used along with the pen for optimum utilization of the pen's features. One handy feature about this pen is that it can playback any sounds made during the writing process. This makes it ideal for both students and professionals in jotting down important points for later reflection.

4. Kindle

The Kindle is a portable e-book player that can be used for buying, browsing and reading e-books, magazines and other digital media documents. Just by packing this small device, you will be able to read the book of your choice no matter where you go.

5. Flying Alarm Clock

Another one of the unique gifts list is the flying alarm clock. How can it not make the list when it flies? It actually flies and makes an annoying sound whenever the alarm goes off.

6. A Star

One of the most unique gifts you can give to your loved one is naming a star after them. What better way than immortalizing your love for your partner. Along with a certificate of the star's new name, you will also receive the coordinates of the star so you can check up on it from time to time. So go ahead and mark your lovers name in the heavens above.

7. 24K Roses

This is also one of the best gift ideas for romantic occasions. These roses are actually covered in 24 K gold. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they will easily last for the rest of your life. A gold rose for eternal love. How perfect.

8. The FM Radio Toaster

A god sent for those who like to listen to music and shows while whipping up something to eat in the kitchen. The Fm Toaster will let you listen to your favorite radio shows while you make your toasts. Nothing quite like radio and bread toasts.

9. Personal Movie Theater Glasses

Recognized to be one of the most unique gifts you can give to a person, especially men. You can just connect them to your iPod or DVD system to enjoy an IMAX theater experience while sitting comfortably in your cozy sofa at home. Of course the whole looking like Cyclops from X-Men thing is just the icing on the cake.

10. Magic Wand Remote Control

By letting you change channels with a flick of the wand makes this one of the best gift ideas ever. You can channels by flicking the wand and you can adjust the volume by twisting it. You can even personalize the movements of the wand for each command, giving you complete control over your precious remote control. Now nobody will take your remote away from you.

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