Gift Ideas For Under $10

So you are looking for a cheap gift ideas for under $10 to give, perhaps as a token of appreciation, just to reach and let someone you are thinking about them without breaking the bank. In any sense a small gift is there to put a smile on the gift receives face and not necessarily something they crave and need.

By all means do aim for a meaningful gift; but you should realise if it was some Maslow's need they would have already spent $10 unless it's just a litter of milk. By the way a little of milk is not a good gift unless it is leading to a prank.

So how about I break down your possible gift giving reasons and list a few suggestions.

Corporate Gifts

• Dilbert. Go with something Dilbert, perhaps a coffee mug or a baseball cap. Check out Annoy-A-Tron 2.0 on Dilbert official store if you are giving to the Engineering department or the Phantom Keystroker V2 Fathers Day Gifts

• A novelty Gold Bar Doorstop. It looks just like a piece of gold bullion, while its monetary value mightn't equal the real deal it's definitely worth its own weight in the looks you get from visitors! Pure comedy gold.

• For golf lovers The Door-in-1 Doorstopper. It keeps your door open while helping your dad practice his swing from the comfort of his own home or office. He will love you for it.

Housewarming Gifts

• How about a cool yet novel Sudokube Inspired by Sudoku, one of the most addictive number games found in newspapers around the world. Part Sudoku and part Rubix Cube.

• Egglings, is an egg that hatches a plant. It's a perfect little present for gardeners, budding chefs or anyone who likes their gifts on the cute and curious side.

Baby Gifts

• There are a myriad of toys, rattles, cute toy aeroplanes and animals that are perfect for toddlers. Check out Z Wind Ups - Scamper the Squirrel, Hello Kitty Flashing Doll or Beanie Baby - Oasis Tigre

Children's Gifts

• For a boy perhaps a toy glider aeroplane that has minimal parts but still requires some assembly to help develop their intelligence and skills. Or a ball for their favourite sporting activity.

• For a girl perhaps something from the crafts or chances are she is also has her favoured sport she plays that you may find something meaningful for.

Gifts For Teenagers

• New headphones for their iPhones and iPods. At least is something they can use when they inadvertently lose or damage the ones that come with their device.

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