Corporate Gifts - Pens Can Help Employee Motivation

Corporate gifts pens can work in a number of circumstances to show your appreciation. In the corporate world, you not only need to pay employees to reward them for their efforts, you also need to appreciate and acknowledge them. While employees do work for a pay check, they need something more.

Understanding the motivation of employees is one of the keys to keeping them working at peak efficiency and keeping morale up so that you can keep turnover rates down.


Everyone needs to feel appreciated for what they do. It makes you feel good about doing it, and it makes you want to maintain your high standards. In fact, knowing that you are appreciated and that your performance makes a difference can make you try even harder. Can something as simple as a pen with a company logo do that for your employees? It's certainly a start!


In addition to the need for appreciation is the need for recognition. Employees want to be recognized for their efforts. This may mean for gargantuan efforts in one specific instance or for consistently stellar efforts over a long period of time. A visible and tangible version of a pat on the back in front of other employees can renew the recognized employee's spirit.

How To Show Appreciation And Recognition

Many employers think a monetary bonus is the way to show their appreciation and recognition, but there is a problem. Cash bonuses disappear into the rest of an employee's pay check and are soon forgotten. Above and beyond cash bonuses, corporate tokens of appreciation can create pride and improve your corporate culture.

Corporate gift pens are an ideal way to show appreciation and recognition. A tangible gift allows an employee to carry around a reminder that he or she is appreciated and that his or her efforts have not gone by unnoticed. This constant reminder can inspire an employee toward greatness for all time.

Corporate gift pens can be a great gift for your employees and your customers. Check out the selection of hand truned pens at Papa's Handcrafted pens.

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