Popular Christmas Gifts - What Will Be the Best Toys For 2009

Year 2009 has been an interesting year for toy manufacturers. The recessionary times have challenged many manufacturers to make cheaper toys or streamline options in an effort to give better value to customers. The result has been a greater emphasis on cheaper toys and toys that offer more long term value. This good news for many customers who are feeling the sting of the current recession. Although we can't list all the expected popular Christmas gifts here, we have included three that we think have serious potential to be big hits:

Mindflex Game

The Mindflex Game is a totally unique game that is unlike anything else that has been offered. It is a game that essentially allows people to move things with their mind. This fake telekinesis is expected to be a big hit because of how novel this concept is and how much fun it can be to compete against people doing the different obstacles. We fully believe this will be a popular item this year because it has been a big hit at toy fairs this year already.

Transformers Movie 2 Optimus Prime Role Play Helmet

The Transformers Movie 2 Optimus Prime Role Play Helmet is just a fun toy helmet that essentially lets kids have their voice changed into the voice of Optimus Prime. The intricate design of the helmet and this clever voice mixer feature make it a very cool and fun hit. In addition, the new Transformers 2 movie has been a big hit with kids meaning odds are good they may be hoping for this gift as a birthday or Christmas present. Even parents like this one as a few Dads have even taken it to work to entertain their co-workers with this soon to be popular Christmas gifts. Just goes to show there is a little fun left in all of us.

Candy Jewel Factory Oven

The Candy Jewel Factory Oven is another game alternative that we think could be one of the surprise hits of the summer. Moms and daughters will really like this one because it lets kids make candy jewelry. Moms will like it because it lets their daughters do something creative and kids will like it because well, its candy and jewelry. We can definitely see this one becoming very addictive for some kids as they get excited showing off their jewelry and later enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The above three games are just a few of the popular Christmas gifts that will be available this year. We think these are some of the better Christmas toys for 2009, but they certainly have plenty of rivals.

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