Christmas Gifts for the Handyman

Chances are, the handyman in your home is your husband. They work hard to fix (or at least try to fix) all that breaks in your home. From replacing a ceiling fan, to fixing the gas furnace, or to help with that big school project, dads are always there to lend a hand!

Wouldn't it be great to buy him a little gift that could make his life easier when taking care of those home projects? This list of gifts for the handyman in your life is sure to put a smile on his face!

High Tech Work Gloves

High tech work gloves are not your regular gloves. These are thick, tough leather gloves and fit like a glove, literally. They are made to fit tightly like surgical gloves so that your fingers are nimble enough to handle small items such as nails. If you have ever tried to do that with regular work gloves you know it is more than difficult.

There are several different brands of high tech work gloves, but Mechanix Wear and Iron Clad are rated at the top of the heap.Both companies have websites so you can purchase online, or check out your local home improvement store like Lowes. They come in different sizes and price ranges, but none are more than around $30. They are worth every penny and they last forever!

Laser Level

How do laser levels work? Laser levels project a beam of light that can be used as a visual chalk line when a straight and level reference point is needed. The size of the beam of light depends on the size of the diode. In this case, smaller is better -- a smaller beam of light is more precise. With a wider beam of light, the actual point of "level" can be located anywhere within the width of the beam.

Laser tools are ideal for hanging pictures or wallpaper - both of which can be tedious and time consuming. How many times have you hung a wall full of pictures, only to stand back and see that none of it is level? Frustrating, isn't it? With a laser level, you can quickly and easily hang those pictures straight as an arrow.

Laser levels are also very useful for laying tile, installing a hardwood floor, or installing a chair rails with accuracy. Their uses are endless and they make for a great time saver. No handyman should be without one in his tool box.

Magnetic Tool Bar

This is a great addition to any tool box! Heavy-duty, permanent magnets are used to hold large or small tools and metal parts securely in place. These bars come in all sizes and shapes. There are bars specifically for the handy man that works on light projects and just needs somewhere to hang his screwdrivers and wrenches.

But for those that work on large equipment where you routinely could "use an extra hand" such as an HVAC contractor who deals with large gas furnaces, these can be a lifesaver!

These are a great way to keep his tools up off the work bench and in plain site where they are easy to reach. A lot of men have peg boards in their workshop to hang their tools on, but if you buy a nice magnetic tool bar, there no longer be a need for that!

Power Drill Holster

What a great idea! Ever been on top of a ladder using a power drill and you have no where to lay the drill? If you had a power drill holster then you would simply slide the drill into it! They are very similar to a gun holster, but specifically built for a drill.

There are many makes, models and sizes, but when purchasing a drill holster, quality is everything. You don't want to risk buying a cheap one and having it slip out, fall and possibly hurt someone on the ground.

Power Welder

To me, this is the best one and it is fun! Welders are generally though of as huge power tools that are only needed when you are building something large. Not so!

There are some really cool personal power welders on the market that can be used for simple projects such as fixing that wrought iron furniture to making small crafts with the kids. In addition, these small welders can be used to teach kids the basics of welding. How fun is that?

There are so many gifts that would be great for the handyman in your life and we have listed only a few. Most handymen love to try out new tools and gadgets, so think out of the box when buying their gift. They are sure to love anything that can add to their tool box!

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