Wife Gift Ideas - How To Make A Gift Seem Much More Thoughtful

If you are one of those guys who genuinely just wants to delight his wife with a thoughtful gift then read on to discover exactly how to add thoughtfulness to your gifts. This seemingly elusive property can be added to just about any gift with two simple steps.

Most guys think that once the gift has been identified and acquired that the process stops there, however they're missing out on a huge opportunity to take their gift to the next level.

Hang On, What's The Point?

The aim of giving a gift in the first place is not just because it's tradition or because the occasion calls for it, the real aim is making the person, in this case your wife, feel special. If you give a thoughtful present that demonstrates that you put some care and attention into the choosing of it then it will make a much better present because i will make her feel cared for and special.

Step 1. Presentation

Many guys have a bind spot when it comes to wrapping gifts. They either don't wrap it or they just use whatever comes to hand to shield it from view until the last minute. Perhaps they think that it's just a waste of money or is a ridiculous embellishment. There is no need to go to extreme lengths, but if you are going to go to the bother of buying a gift then you should wrap it.

A wrapped-up present has something exciting about it, when you unwrap it, it's a bit like being a child again. There are plenty of hassle-free gift wrap options like boxes, or bags with tissue paper.

By giving a gift a fancy exterior you are transforming it into something much more exciting. Not only do you give her the pleasure of unwrapping an "exciting parcel" but you get to watch her do it.

Step 2. Presentation

There is another level of presentation that most guys miss out on, it's the words that accompany the gift. Some men just thrust their gift away hurriedly and silently, or with a few short words, or worse, with an apology.

Never, ever apologise for a gift as you are just robbing your wife of the pleasure of receiving your gift.

When a gift is given, it has maximum thoughtfulness impact if there are a few accompanying words. All that is required is a little something about why you choose that gift for her. Even if it's one of those "old faithful" gifts that you get her every year, you can still say something like "I chose this because I know you love it". Contrast that with "Sorry dear, it's all they had!". Same gift but the words that you use along with it can either raise it up to new heights or drop it down a level.

By making sure that you pay attention to the two types of presentation- the gift wrap and the accompanying words, you can be sure of maximizing the positive impact that your gift will have on your wife. You can make your gift seem more special to her which it turn will make her feel more special to you, which is the whole point of a gift in the first place.

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