Baby Jewelry Tops Popularity Charts

Baby jewelry is a splendid means of commemorating your happy times with your newborn and a splendid gift for mommies. How do you define baby jewelry? Well, there is a vast assortment of styles and types of jewelry for baby, but the two most popular are personalized necklaces for mommies with the name of her precious baby and the date of birth engraved and petite versions of the necklaces and bracelets for your babies as they grown into toddlers and teens. Personalized mother necklaces tend to be more fashionable and are all the rage right now over those for little children because of the greater sentimental value for mothers as mementoes. Moms love to wear jewelry that keeps baby nestled close to their hearts. There is also the practicality of the children keeping their jewelry intact.

Styles of Baby Jewelry

Personalized necklaces and bracelets for mothers as a whole are quite popular but, refine the collections even further to jewelry that is hand crafted by artists who engrave the names of your children and even Mommy and Daddy on the charms and pendants has recently developed into a craze. Monogrammed necklaces and bracelets featuring your and your family's initials and symbols that represent love and joy, like hearts, have proliferated artist shops and sites like PeopleStyle Watch.

Over the past five years, jewelry with the name of baby has trended meteorically giving rise to a wide range of creative and elegant designs. Now it is trendy to own an entire array of personalized necklaces and bracelets to coordinate with all mommy's outfits as she has done with her costume and fine jewelry, reminiscent of her pre-baby social life and for formal occasions. The preferred raw materials out of which to fabricate the charms and chains of personalized jewelry are gold and sterling silver. Accenting the personalized jewelry with birth month stones, freshwater pearls, crystals, and gems has become a standard addition to the jewelry. Recently, a survey has found that diamonds have taken the lead in ornamenting personalized necklaces and bracelets either as a single sparkling note or smothered in tiny gems.

Worth of Baby Jewelry

How much is jewelry for babies, mommies, and daddies worth? Is it going to cost you dearly? Not when you weigh it against high priced fine jewelry or the wall mounted flat screen TV with surround sound that Daddy has his eye on. Personalized baby jewelry pretty much varies in between $90 to $300 which is an immense value when you consider the worth of unique jewelry for baby crafted by hand. Retailers, who have the largest collections of personalized necklaces, bracelets, and rings crafted by artisans on the globe, run them primarily less than $300. No other vendors can even touch these prices for one of-a-kind hand crafted jewelry. This is why they have become a must buy for Mommies and Daddies. Handcrafted personalized jewelry has become cherished heirlooms to hand down from generation to generation.

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