How to Get Funny Graduation Poems For 2009 Graduates

They will never go out of style, and this year's graduates could really use a laugh. That's why funny graduation poems are so popular. Here are several ways to get just the right funny poem for your graduate.

Write a poem. If you know your graduate well, then you might be uniquely qualified to write a poem that is personally and especially for them. But if the thought of writing a poem is about as exciting as watching grass grow, then you will have to seek out and find a funny poem that is just right.

Go shopping. The first obvious place to find funny graduation poems is at your local drug store or department store, with its rows of greeting cards. This can be fun, but also time consuming. It is always easier to shop online in the comfort of your home office.

Online greeting cards. Online greeting cards used to be mostly free. Not so, anymore. So if you're watching your pennies, you might have to click around until you find a free site. And good luck finding just the right card, with just the right poem. But if you do, it's so worth the search.

Online poetry. Of course, the Internet also abounds with scores of poetry sites. Some are archives of historical poetry. Others are outlets where today's poets share their work. While it might not be as obvious as on the greeting card sites, not all poets are open to sharing their posted poems. So be sure to check with each web site's policy.

Once you find the right poem on the right site (one that allows you to copy a poem for personal use), write it down. Type it up, and give it to the graduate of your choice.

Denise Ann Rodgers is a poet and author of two books, "A Little Bit of Nonsense," and "Great Lakes Rhythm & Rhyme," a book of poetry about Michigan and the Great Lakes. She has two web sites. One, promotes her two books and school visits, and her new site that shares her amazing selection of funny poems on all subjects.

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