Ten Great Superman Gifts

Guys love action heroes and the different gift items available with the heroes in it. Since one of the most popular superheroes ever is Superman, I'm going to list ten gift ideas bearing Superman logos and image.

1. Superman Cufflinks - Instead of using ordinary cufflinks to go with your clothes, use Superman cufflinks. This is a more unique design so few if any people will wear it at the same event. I also think it will go well with either casual or formal attire as long as your clothes have cuffs in it.

2. Superman T-shirt - Probably the most popular gift item that has a Superman image in it is shirts. This is the best way to show the world that you are a fan of Superman. Shirts could be worn anytime making it a practical one to buy.

3. Superman action figure - With action figures ranging from a few inches to life-sized ones, collectors have much to choose from. You can buy this easily because it can be found at the mall or online. Although some are pretty expensive, there are also affordable ones available.

4. Superman costumes - This is a good gift for a child or someone buying a costume for a costume party. It's a cool gift because kids could play around with it while adults could laugh about it at parties.

5. Superman Comic book - This is where it all started. Comic book gave life to Superman, which led to the movies and action figures. A superman fanatic would surely appreciate having a comic book as a gift because he knows its value.

6. Superman Games - There are a lot of games that feature different heroes. One of them is Superman. Even if you only have a PS2, you could buy a console for it. Video games are always fun for young and old alike. Games are also available for the PC which could probably be bought at the same store.

7. Superman DVDs - What kind of Superman fan doesn't know any of the many movies made? If a movie wasn't made during your generation, you could always buy DVDs to watch it. What's better is that you could repeat it many times whenever you feel like it.

8. Superman Wallpaper - Waking up in the morning is much better when you see something you like. The same thing happens at night. Superman wallpaper is for those avid fans that can't get enough of the world's best hero.

9. Superman logo mouse pad - If you are reading this article, obviously you use computers. A mousepad is a nice gift to you or to someone who uses the computer. It is simple yet thoughtful because the receiver would know that you are familiar with his likes.

10. Superman Card case - This is a good gift for business and working people. They can use this whenever they give their card to others. There are good designs so that you will still look professional even when using superhero logos.

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