Geek Gifts For Shoppers - What to Get the Nerd on Your List!

Stumped again because you don't know what to get the geek on your gift-giving shopping list?

There are a few new geek gift ideas to use when the office or home work space has a chilly temperature. The USB heat, warm mouse, heated mouse pad, heated computer keyboard pad and mouse hand warmer blanket are available at low prices online. Plus, online shoppers can search to find websites offering free shipping and no sales tax. Search Google for "warm mouse free shipping" to find the best selection.

The warm mouse plugs into the USB port and generates infrared heat to keep the mouse hand relaxed and warm. The same holds true for the heated mouse pad. The heated mouse pad creates a warm surface to place your mouse hand. The warm products are safe for people and the computer. When using the warm mouse and heated mouse pad inside a mouse hand warmer blanket pouch, a very comfortable warm environment is created for the mouse hand.

Keyboard hands get cold, too. A soft, warm, ergonomic heated computer keyboard pad is placed in front of the keyboard. The USB heat, warm keyboard pad creates a comfortable resting place for arms, hands and wrists. It also generates deep healing infrared heat.

Infrared heat penetrates deeply through the skin's layers to the muscle tissue. USB heat is the rage. Warmth derived from the computer provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient source of heat. USB heat delivered from the geek's computer directly to his/her cold, stiff hand muscles is soothing, relieves tension and stress caused by gripping a computer mouse or typing at the keyboard! Plus, infrared heat can offset the onset of computer-related hand injury.

Do you know how to tell if you live with a computer nerd? It's easy, the computer nerd is continuously using the computer, and is attached to the computer in the other room. A friend once told me, "You can tell if a person is a nerd if he/she checks their email before brushing their teeth in the morning!" I thought that was pretty accurate. So, if you know or live with someone who logs-on prior to brushing, there's a pretty good change he/she is a computer nerd!

Gifts for a geek are always a challenge because there's such a wide variety of gadgets available these days at a wide range of prices and functions. As a suggestion, stick to something practical, cost-effective and energy-efficient. For any holiday season, we enjoy getting and giving items with free shipping and no sales tax.

Most computer addicts don't get enough exercise. They sit for long hours glued to their mouse and keyboard. As the months pass and the temperatures begin to drop, so does the tolerance to the chilled air. In an office or at home, a computer geek's mouse hand and keyboard hands can get very cold. The hands become frigid and fingertips become numb. Aside from any medical condition, like carpal tunnel or Raynaud's with poor circulation problems, the computer addict who spends several hours daily mousing their way through the Internet can experience cold computer hands.

USB warm gadgets are fun geek gifts to give and receive. For more information about the value of using USB infrared heat, visit or the Learning Center at

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