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A personalized gift can be the perfect solution for any gift giving occasion. The wedding gift is received with a smile and appears to be adored. So why is it that on your next visit, you search eagerly to find it being used or displayed by the recipient, but it's nowhere to be found?

So what went wrong?

Did you perhaps choose the gift simply because it was unique and personalized? Did you consider the needs and personality of the person for whom you're shopping? Did you choose something useful, or just another "thing"?

The following are a few tips for choosing personalised gifts:

Keep in mind that you're shopping for the recipient, and not for yourself. This is one of the most commonly made errors when it comes to choosing gifts for others.

It's nice for the gift to reflect something about yourself and your relationship with the person to whom it is given, but it's also important to remember that you're not shopping for yourself, and that although the gift is something you might love to have for yourself, that alone doesn't make it the perfect gift for another.

Consider whether the item itself is useful to the recipient. It doesn't necessarily have to have a practical use, but it's often a good idea, whether you're shopping for personalized baby gifts, anniversary gifts, personalized birthday gifts, personalized christmas gifts, or personalized wedding gifts.

For example, if your mother in-law happens to collect penguins, then perhaps a personalized sculpted penguin might be the ideal gift for her, but if your recipient is more of a minimalist, and therefore not into collecting, you might need to choose something a bit more practical and useful.

Consider the special interests of the recipient when you're contemplating personalized gift ideas. For example, if you're shopping for corporate gifts, or gifts for men, a golf enthusiast is bound to be thrilled with personalized golf balls, or a piece of personalized golf art. For those harder to shop for individuals who don't seem to have any specific interests as such, you can always choose to commemorate a special occasion, like a birthday or an anniversary.

Of course, it depends on whom you're shopping for, but a personalized glass photo frame a set of coffee mugs, or a set of engraved champagne flutes might well accomplish this. Again,the key is to know your recipient.

Of course if you're looking for gifts for her, one popular personalized gift idea to go with is engraved jewelry, but as you can see, your options certainly are not limited.

Lastly, it might be prudent (depending upon for whom you're shopping) to avoid very fragile or expensive gifts, particularly for friends and family with small children. Although it's not true of everyone, fragile items can make some people a bit nervous. Expensive gifts that are easily broken soon after they're received can create a sort of awkward situation between the gift giver and its recipient.

Given that there are so many different types of custom gift items, with a little fore-thought, you're sure to be able to find the perfect personalized gift, one that will surely be treasured for a lifetime.

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