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It is that time of year again when one of the most popular events in the British sporting calendar takes to the water.
The 155th Boat Race takes place on Sunday 29th March 2009. Over 250,000 spectators will crowd the banks of the River Thames as Oxford takes on Cambridge in this great annual boat race. With millions tuning in at home, it has an estimated global audience of over 120 million.
The crews battle it out; their oars glide over the choppy water, almost clashing as they fight for the best line. Who will pull away first, will they be able to keep that punishing stroke rate up and cross the finish line victorious? Phew, it makes you exhausted just watching it!
Like with any major sporting event, it always inspires you as you watch it. When Wimbledon is on, you feel like you could become the next Steffi Graf and, with the World Cup – you think you’re Beckham in your backyard. The Boat Race comes along and you have the urge to get your inflatable dingy out and row across your paddling pool. Yes, you can’t resist the call of the ocean; you just need to find your sea legs and aqua accessories!
So you are off on a voyage on the high seas, you would love to take pictures of your adventure, but can’t because you’re worried you will ruin your camera? Well ahoy there matey, drop anchor at and get decked out with their seaworthy goods!
Catch of the day is an Underwater Digital Camera. It is a 2xmega pixel camera, which can also record videos and has a webcam feature too. So if you fall overboard you can record the whole thing and have a webcam chat with the social underwater networking site at the same time…. or maybe not!
Don’t worry if you have the memory of a fish, this gadget hasn’t, with its whopping 8MB memory it can hold 26 photos, or 78 with compression. It is waterproof up to 3 metres and comes with its own waterproof case and strap. Perfect for pool and seaside snaps or any aqua escapade.
If you want to take your iPod with you, you can, just reel in one of these; a Waterproof iPod Case & Headphones. It makes a superb gift accessory for anyone who owns an iPod, in fact they would fall hook , line and sinker in love with it!
Both are waterproof, and fit any iPod or MP3 players (up to 9x4x0.7). You can pop your iPod into the pouch and it can be worn on a lanyard around your neck, or as an arm band. And it isn’t just designed for the open water, its ideal for the beach, jogging, hiking, pool, or just to protect your iPod from dust and rain.
Again, if you accidently drop it overboard, it’s ok; it will float on the water. So now you can row your boat to music, perhaps, if you listen to the Jaws soundtrack, that might help you get your stroke rate up!
Oh, these nautical gags just keep on coming!
Next port of call is for the real sailors, or for those who would love to experience sailing. Get the chance to shout “aye, aye, Captain” on a Sailing Experience on a Thames Barge for Two. gives you the chance to turn back the clock and enjoy a day out on a vintage Thames Barge. You can even get involved on these historic vessels by helping to hoist the sails. Depending on the Skipper, weather etc, you may also get the chance to steer it!
Or if you or someone you know are just completely ‘knotty’ about boats in general, then pocket a Baby Boat Stamp. A wood backed rubber stamp of a boat, simply press it on an ink pad and away you go, great for customising stationary or for stamping your love of boats everywhere! No need to sign that card, just leave your boat mark, they’ll know who it is!
There are gifts and gadgets out there for everyone, including those who like to get their feet wet, so ‘wave’ goodbye to land, set your course for and surf online and sail away with an ocean of fabulous gifts! ‘Oar’ you’ll be sorry!

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