Gift Cards-What Are Branded Gift Cards? Find Out Why They Are The Best Gift Card To Give and Receive

Discovering the ideal present for family and friends is a continuing test of patience and perseverance.

You want to get something that will please the receiver of the gift but nowadays that can be complicated.

Just looking at your calendar can remind you of the many occasions that gifts call for: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, births, bar mitzvahs and other holidays.

Gift cards have become progressively more well-liked and in fact desired as the gift of choice. Based on a Coinstar survey, more than 75% of BOTH men and women would like to receive gift cards when they get a gift.

The most popular gift cards now are one that offers the consumer more flexibility in how they are used, some protections if they are lost or stolen and widespread usability.

This type of card is a “branded” gift card - most commonly known as Visa Prepaid Gift Cards, Mastercard Gift Cards and American Express or Discover Gift Cards.

You can get these branded gift cards online and also at some retailers and banking institutions.

People who receive these types of gift cards have the power to use them anywhere that accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover – that even includes online retailers and vendors that provide services – this flexibility makes these gift cards very desirable. Much more so than the gift cards that are only good for a single retail store.

Branded gift cards give the user protection if the card is lost or stolen and some of them will even credit back money if there is illicit use of the gift card.

Since you can use a branded gift card at multiple locations and numerous types of different purchases – you can’t go wrong giving a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Gift Card. There is a really good chance that the person for whom you buy the gift card will be thrilled!

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