Good Housewarming Gifts: 6 Ideas They'll Love

Giving a housewarming gift may seem like an outdated tradition, but it's far from it. Even if your friend or family member isn't holding a housewarming party, you can commemorate their new life as a homeowner with a gift. Here are 6 housewarming gift ideas they'll love.

When you're shopping for housewarming gifts, keep in mind that unless you know a person very well you probably shouldn't buy them any home decor items. Everyone has their own specific tastes. Even though you may think no home is complete without a silver pewter frame, your friend or family member may have a completely different style. Stick to gifts that are universally appealing.

1. A board game.
Board games are perfect for newlyweds and families alike. When you choose a board game, think about the personality of the recipients. Are they an active family with spirited children? Cranium Cadoo may be a perfect game for them. Are they an older couple with a love of books? Try Balderdash. Look for games that are outside of major classics like Scrabble and Monopoly, which most people have. You can search online for game recommendations and find something that they will really enjoy.

2. A window herb garden.
Houseplants are traditional housewarming gifts, but you can update this classic by offering a twist. A window herb garden has several small pots that contain popular herbs. Any cook worth his or her salt knows that fresh herbs give the best flavor. If your friend or family member likes to cook, they will appreciate this gift. It will allow them to use fresh herbs in their cooking

3. Tools.
New homeowners are often surprised by the amount of maintenance that comes up when they move in. You can make life a little easier by providing them with the tools they need to get the job done. A cordless drill, a hammer with a set of different sized nails or a wrench set are all gifts that will be very welcome for new homeowners of all ages.

4. A house maintenance book.
Along the same lines of the last gift is a house maintenance book. This can be as simple as a nice hardbound spiral notebook with space for the homeowner to write down "to do" lists of maintenance work, and keep records of when they replaced things.

5. A moving survival kit.
Create a custom gift basket for your friend of family member with the theme of rest and relaxation. Moving can be very stressful and you can help bring calm and relaxation to their world. Fill a basket with some herbal tea, a foot massager and some calming lotion or purchase a spa gift certificate.

6. Food or wine.
When all else fails, a gift of food is always welcome. Make cookies or sweet bread and give it in a decorative box. Collect an assortment of gourmet cheeses and present them in a basket. Or give a wine gift basket. If you don't have time to shop and put together your own basket, you can buy them ready-made. Just make sure to personalize it with a note.

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