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The women in your life do so much for you throughout the year. They boost your ego and pick you up when you are feeling down. They have dinner all cooked and ready to eat when you cannot be bothered to make more than a slice of toast. They mop your fevered brow when you are under the weather. They deal with the practicalities of life, multitasking for efficiency as they go. So, don't you think when it comes to choosing gifts for her that you should treat her to something naughty but nice? Surely, after all she does for you; the least you can do for her is to make her feel good and happy knowing that you have taken considerable care in your selection.

Some of the most exciting gifts for her that are naughty but nice involve food of some sort usually food that the girls know they should not even be looking at let alone considering consuming. With this in mind, the ideal gift for her is the cheeky little Naughty but Nice Lip Gloss set, with 6 mini cake lip glosses to keep her pretty lips soft. These dinky pots look and smell like the real thing. The only difference is she can't eat these tempting treats. They include delicious raspberry cream, sumptuous strawberry cream, lip smacking chocolate cream, mouth watering chocolate sprinkle, rich cream tart and scrumptious wild berry tart. They come in a gorgeous cake box display and each lip gloss comes in a handy size which fits nicely into a handbag or pocket.

Christmas would not be Christmas without all the festive food the rich fruity Christmas cake, the Christmas pudding brought flaming to the table, the brandy butter and of course the chocolate log. A personalised Christmas Yule log will make a fabulous gift for her. Imagine how surprised she will be as she returns to the family dining room with dessert to find a chocolate log with her own name on it waiting to be distributed around the table. What a shame it will not last long either. There's one way to get around that problem though, and that's to order 2 Christmas yule logs. It will not be difficult finding a good home for them both.

If she really is serious about avoiding those extra calories, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful Personalised Chocolate Sauce Print. It features a slice of divine chocolate cake with her name written next to it in chocolate sauce. Try as she might, she will not be able to eat this slice and it will last a whole lot longer than the real thing. It comes in 2 sizes, which means that even the bigger version with a larger slice of cake can do her no harm.

We all remember the fabulous dance routines from Dirty Dancing. Some of us insist on actually trying to copy them. Some of us take it a tad too far and do this in public. But there are some memorably classic quotes from the movie too. If she loves this film still she will love the perfect gift for her a Dirty Dancing in Your Pocket Keychain. This lovely vivid pink gadget plays some famous lines at the press of a button to brighten up the dullest of days and get her grinning again.

For those girls who are secret cookie monsters on the sly, the best Gift for her could be Mrs Manley's Best Biscuits Little Cookbook. This decorative and traditionally presented gift includes 7 of the most delicious biscuit recipes, all of which are easy to follow. So even if she has never baked so much as a crumb before, she will be able to whip up and devour these mouth watering biccies in a flash. In fact, these recipes are so simple that this would also make a fab gift for little girls (and boys for that matter). She will never have to buy cookies again.

If you are buying for a female friend, I'm sure she will not be insulted by the Instant Adoring Boyfriend DVD. In fact, her hunt for the perfect man may suddenly screech to a halt when she watches this hug ely satisfying DVD. Ladies, this guy is handsome, kind, considerate, sweet smelling, generous and would never generate an unpleasant odour in his wildest dreams. Let's face it girls, he exists only in our wildest dreams he is seriously too good to be true. And if he does exist he is bound to have been grabbed by now. So let's dream on and spend some quality time with this fabulous hunk of a man. The perfect accompaniment to this lovely gift for her has to be an Emergency Chocolate Bar, made of delicious Belgian Chocolate. And the great thing is that she won't have to share this bar with him, because he's just too polite to ask. All girls deserve a naughty but nice present. Just don't expect them to share it.

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