Mums Cooking on Mothers Day!

Mums who adore cooking and would love to ignite their dinner menus with inspirational food from around the world will enjoy spending time at a cookery master class or workshop this UK Mothers Day on March 22nd 2009. You may reap the benefits as well when she puts her new learnt talents into practice at home!

Spice up her culinary skills with a master class in Indian cuisine. The day begins with a relaxing tea or coffee and introductions to the history of Indian cuisine by master chef Sanjay Dwivedi. Afterwards she will have a hands on time in the kitchen helping to prepare a four course meal before sitting down to eat some gastronomical delights, accompanied with fine wine and champagne. Menu cards will be hers to take home as a memento of this wonderful experience and an incentive to prepare, cook and serve Indian food at home for her family and friends. Indian take away may well become a thing of the past for your mum!

Mums who love to be different will adore being treated out to Yo! Sushi in London. Here she and a partner will learn the skills of preparing three different sushi dishes. A packed Yo! Sushi lunch box is included, making this a full day enjoying sushi. The experts at Yo! Sushi will make the day informative and fun for all. To help your mum practice her newly learnt sushi making skills a sushi rolling mat will be presented for her to take home. A memorable and exciting alternative to flowers on her special day.

Chocoholic mums will be in chocolate heaven with a workshop dedicated to the fine art of chocolate making. This hands on day out begins with a short history of chocolate and a sample from the chocolate fountain! Then it is hands on making truffle fillings, covering them with sumptuous Belgian chocolate before dipping them into a variety of different luxury coatings and coverings.

Your mum will also come home with between 40 and 50 chocolates which she has designed, made and wrapped herself. Chances are you will be given the offer of sampling one of her delightful chocolates when she tells you all about her wonderful day out! This Mothers Day do not just send chocolates to your mum, let her make her own unique Belgian chocolates under the careful guidance of expert chocolatiers.

For mums who adore chocolate but are watching their weight will be amazed to experience the beneficial properties of chocolate on the skin. Warm chocolate is spread over the body, then wrapped to let its magical powers seep into the skin. It almost seems as shame to wash it off, her skin will feel as smooth as chocolate when this indulgent chocolate pamper treatment is over. Of course she will be given a hot drink of chocolate during her stay.

Many of the spas who offer this treatment have a wide range of other leisure facilities such as swimming pools, steam rooms and saunas which she will be able to use during her special day out. Who says giving chocolate as Mothers day gifts is boring?

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