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If you're looking for the right way to commemorate a special occasion, then consider giving personalised gifts. It seems the more gift choices we have, the harder it is to find exactly the right gift for someone you work with or a member of your family. If the gift is for someone you don't know well, there's even more chance of getting it wrong. There's nothing worse than knowing that you've given the wrong gift. Luckily you can avoid that by giving photo gifts. How will this help? Read on to find out.

People have always commemorated big events with pictures. Cavemen drew on walls, families commissioned paintings, and we take digital photos. It's all about capturing a special moment so that you can share it with others later. That's why we love taking and looking at photos. People enjoy seeing that hairstyle you had when you were 16 or the huge camel that spat at you when you visited Egypt.

Digital photos give us the chance to use our photos in a different way. Instead of storing your photos on your computer's hard drive and loading them up for the occasional slideshow, you can use them in a way that everyone can enjoy by creating personalised gifts. It's much easier to see your photos on personalised photo gifts than to browse through them on the small screen of your digital camera. Here are some ideas for personalised gifts with photos.

Photo Gift Choices

One way to enjoy your photos is to use them on items that are in everyday use, such as mugs. When you have your daily fix of tea or coffee, why not drink from a photo mug with a treasured photo on it? You can use personalised gifts all around the home, with photo cushions, photo coasters, photo pet mats and photo roller blinds. If you're going shopping, then consider putting your favourite photos on the side of a photo tote bag.

You can also give great personalised gifts which are works of art. Your digital photo can be imprinted on canvas, which is made of the same woven material as the art that hangs in galleries. It is stretched in the same way too, and is treated in a way that resists sunlight and dust damage. This is a truly unique gift which anyone will be happy to receive. The photo canvases can be as large as Old Masters or as small as a hardback book. It's up to you. You can even create a collage of your favourite photos on canvas if you find it hard to pick just one.

When you are selecting the photo for your personalised gifts, make sure you pick a photo that suits the item. A landscape photo might look great on canvas or a tote bag, but might be wrong for hot water bottle or a square cushion. Consider how the company uses your photo. Some create postcard effect by placing your photo on the side of the item, while others give a more polished look by wrapping the photo around your photo gift. It's important to get it right when giving personalised gifts.

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