Make Occasions Special With Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are a wonderful way to make any occasion more special. It can be difficult to choose exactly the right gift to give to a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance. There are so many gifts to choose from, and you run the risk of completely misreading the person's taste. However, there is a way to give personalised gifts that everyone will love, and that's to give photo gifts. Including a photo makes any gift more personal.

Everyone loves a good photo. Colleagues are always quick to gather around to see the pictures you took on holiday. Family friends love to browse through your photo albums and see what you looked like in the past. These days, many of our photos are stored on cards in digital cameras, and we look at them on a two inch square screen. Wouldn't it be fun to use them in a more exciting way?

That's where personalised gifts come in. Personalised photo gifts are the latest way to put your discarded digital photos to good use. Instead of leaving your memories locked in a storage card, you can bring them out for the world to see with a range of unique presents. Here are some examples.

Sometimes we take some beautiful photos of the places that we have visited. They are full of colour and life and would make great works of art. Modern printing technology means that your digital photos can be imprinted onto woven canvas and stretched across a frame – just like an Old Master. The canvas is treated to resist damage by sunlight and dust. These photo canvases are available in many sizes, so you can easily find one that's right for your wall.

Photo Gift Ideas

Another great photo gift is a bag. Tote bags, wash bags, beach bags and purses all look better with your favourite photo on the side. Instead of carrying your children's photos in your wallet or purse, you could have them printed on the side, so that everyone can see how beautiful they are. Smaller personalised gifts with photos could include pet mats, cushions, floor cushions, photo mugs and photo coasters. You can also splash out and have your favourite photo on a photo roller blind.

A key part of getting your personalised gifts right is choosing the right photo. Think about whether the photo has the right dimensions to fit on the item that you have chosen. A tall photo may not look its best on a wide bag, for example. It's also worth thinking about how the photo will be printed. Ideally, you want your photo to cover the whole of the item you have selected. For instance, it should wrap around a mug rather than simply being placed on the side.

Finally, check to make sure that it's ok to wash or clean household items. Cushion covers should be washing machine safe, while mugs should be dishwasher safe. No one wants to add more work to the daily routine when giving personalised gift.

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