The New Fashion – Retro Gifts

The New Fashion – Retro Gifts
If you’re sick and tired of hunting around the shops for the latest must have gadget, why not try looking backwards? Read on to find out how Retro is where it’s at when it comes to buying gifts…
If you’re looking for an original gift, but you’ve drawn a bit of blank, maybe it’s time you go Retro. Retro gifts are all the rage and are a great way to surprise someone with something unusual. The beauty of Retro is that you can hark back to any bygone era you like - from the prim and proper 40s to the fab and funky 80s, via the good old swinging 60s.
So where to begin your hunt for a Retro gift? has fantastic selection to choose from. If you want to go for the homely housewife style of the 1940’s, you could get a pink polka dot Glamour Puss Shower Cap or an ultra chintzy tea set. Or if your tastes are of a more musical variety, why not pay tribute to the 50’s and 60’s with a pair of Elvis Sunglasses, complete with large sideburns a la The King of Rock and Roll.
The 70’s are a great source of Retro ideas – not just for gifts, but for parties and events too. So if you’re lucky enough to be buying gifts and organising a party, why not throw a fondue evening for the ultimate in 70’s style? Or host a disco themed party – it’s a great excuse to dig out the old spandex flares or hunt through the charity shops for a truly stunning piece of 70’s fashion. And don’t forget the 70’s also gave birth to that glorious invention – the Space Hopper. Who wouldn’t love to receive one of those as a gift? For older generations they’re a great source of nostalgia and for the youngsters they’re just good old fashioned fun!
The 80’s are no less fun, if you’re looking for Retro gifts – they provide more inspiration than any other decade. Think neon colours and David Bowie at his best. Check out for fibre optic lamps and a funky Stylophone Music Synethiser, throw in some Madonna-style black lace gloves and you’ll think you’ve turned back time!
And although it wasn’t so long ago, don’t forget the 90’s when you go Retro. See if you can get your hands on some of the old ‘Now! That’s What I Call Music’ compilations – you’ll be bopping away to Boyzone and The Spice Girls in no time all. Just don’t get anyone a shell suit (if you’re too young to remember those, count yourself lucky)!
So now you have plenty of ideas to get you started when it comes to looking for the best of yesteryear. If you’re after Retro gems, have a hunt round the charity shops to see what you can dig up. Or even better (and quicker, and possibly cheaper), go to for an instant fix of Retro fun. Happy Retro shopping!
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