It Depends Upon the Person: Perfect Romantic Presents (Valentines Gifts)

People are very complex creatures; we all have different tastes, hobbies, aspirations and perspectives on life. Indeed, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that, in spite of any apparent similarities that might exist between different individuals, no on is exactly the same. So, it's a good job there are so many different types of Valentines Gifts available.

However, in spite of these differences, there have been numerous attempts over the years to categories and group individuals according to types. Indeed, one such theory, known as the Four Temperaments, attempts to divide groups of people into fitting one of four distinct personality types. According to the theory, an individual can be characterised as Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic or Phlegmatic.

While not as popular as it once was, the theory suggests that Sanguine individuals are usually of the fun-loving kind, Cholerics are ambitious individuals with a great deal of ambition - with a tendency towards a bad temper - and Melancholic people are usually creative, but with a tendency towards depression. Then, there are those individuals who are considered to be Phlegmatic; such people are believed to be both content and shy, but with the ability to make good diplomats and administrators. However, different theories exist, so it's probably safe to say that the theories are as complex and indefinable as the people they're trying to explain.

This being the case, when picking Valentines Gifts, it's a good idea to carefully consider the personality type of the person you've fallen head over heels for. Indeed, for those among us who are of a more idealistic and romantic persuasion, a Personalised Romance Calendar could be one of the best Valentines Gifts to go for. Featuring a new picture every month, personalised with a name of your choice, the Personalised Romance Calendar can let them see their name in the stars, lights, fireworks, or even written in chalk and encased in a dreamy love heart; it's one of those Valentines Gifts that people can fall head over heels in love with.

Alternatively, romantic types might prefer Valentines Gifts specifically for the bedroom. If this is the case, why not treat such individuals to a set of I Love You Pillowcases? Beautifully crafted from 73 per cent cotton and 27 per cent nylon, the I Love You Pillowcase Set is made up from two pillows, each of which feature one of the message; the all-important love heart is split in two, and can only be made whole by placing the two pillows together. Because after all, a whole can only be made by the coming together of two halves - definitely one of those Valentines Gifts to remember forever.

The history of the pillow is a long one, and while used by most individuals in modern times, they were once used almost exclusively by wealthy individuals; they were maybe even given as Valentines Gifts, although that cannot be ascertained. Indeed, because of the complexity involved during the construction process, pillow creation actually developed into an art form; this first happened in China, but the practice later moved to Persia before coming to Medieval Europe. Interestingly, traditional Chinese pillows were created from materials such as porcelain, metal, stone or wood.

Interestingly, traditional Japanese pillows are filled with buckwheat husks, known in Japanese as Soba. Although much harder than western pillows made from soft fibres, they are able to perfectly support the head and the neck, and are therefore surprisingly comfortable. They might make for surprisingly good Valentines Gifts, although it's probably not a good idea to have a romantic pillow fight with them.

However, if the object of your affections is somewhat action-orientated, one of the greatest Valentines Gifts to opt for could be a Strictly Ballroom Dancing for Two event. With absolutely no experience necessary, Strictly Ballroom Dancing for Two is the perfect opportunity to enjoy dancing in the style of Strictly Come Dancing. In total, the class usually runs or around one hour, although the memories from these types of Valentines Gifts usually last considerably longer.

Alternatively, go-getters and lovers of adventure might consider Lunch in Paris for Two to be the ultimate in exciting Valentines Gifts. Set in a city that is arguably the most romantic in the world, the day starts with a train ride from Waterloo Station in London, from where Paris awaits. And as the journey takes less than three hours, you and your loved one can be there in no time at all! And because the lunch includes a cruise along the Seine, it'll be one of the most memorable Valentines Gifts they'll ever have.

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